A Word from Our Chairman

It is hard to believe it’s July already. July starts a new fiscal year for Goochland Pet Lovers and with the shelter opening in June, this next year is going to be amazing! Please stop by and visit this wonderful County facility. We are so excited to share our mission with even more people in all corners of Goochland County. Our new program, the Good Neighbor Fund, shows our passion for the Goochland Community and all of the animals that live here. The Good Neighbor Fund will provide low-income individuals who reside in Goochland County with preventive veterinary care for their pets. With your support, we can ensure that all animals in the shelter and those who are our family members receive more than basic care. They deserve the best care that resources can provide. Thank you for your continued generosity in providing those resources.

Goochland Pet Lovers is grateful to all of our donors, volunteers, Goochland County employees, sponsors, partners and our own dedicated board.  Your support has allowed us to create a unique partnership and we look forward to working alongside each other to make Goochland a special place for animals and the people who love them.

Sara with Bruce one of her nine dogs