GPL's Medical Fund (February 2019)

Submitted by Dogter Jack

Hello Everyone! I would like to introduce myself-- I am Dogtor Jack. Two and a half years ago, I was found by Hanover Animal Control, severely starved, dehydrated and neglected while chained in an abandoned backyard. Needing immediate medical care, I was taken to Veterinary Referral and Critical Care in Goochland. In addition to severe emaciation, I had fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and heartworm disease. My attending doctor, Erica Ditzler, fell in love with me and I was soon adopted into her family. Dr. Ditzler and the wonderful staff at VRCC took on the financial and emotional commitment to helping me get better. I am so thankful I got a second chance at life and now my mission is to make a difference in other pets’ lives. I know there are other dogs and cats looking for homes in our community with medical needs that could use our help.

Goochland Animal Shelter currently provides food and basic medical care for the dogs and cats who enter their doors. However, medical care does not end with spay/neuter and vaccines-- it is only the beginning for many cases, like mine.

Goochland Pet Lovers has an established Emergency Medical Fund to provide supplemental financial support for those with medical conditions that require a little extra care, time and attention at the Goochland Animal Shelter. As every animal is unique, these conditions may vary from simple wounds, broken bones, illness, heartworm disease, emergency surgery and much more. These animals are looking for kindness and support from the community while they are searching for their forever home. Please consider a donation to the Emergency Medical Fund by visiting We thank you for your support! And remember, Trust me, I’m a Dogtor.