Dr. Lori L. Elliott Medical Fund

The Dr. Lori L. Elliott Medical Fund was founded in November 2019, named for Dr. Lori L. Elliott in honor of her unwavering dedication to the animals of Goochland County. Dr. Elliott has served as the Supervising Veterinarian at the Goochland Animal Shelter since 2014, donating her time on her days off from her private practice.

The purpose of the Dr. Lori L. Elliott Medical Fund is to supplement funding budgeted by Goochland County for animals in the Goochland County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. The animals in the shelter are strays, unclaimed, or abandoned and in need of care and a forever home. These restricted funds provide the optimal care these animals need to enhance their chances of adoption.

What This Fund Provides

  • Each eligible animal is spayed/neutered.
  • Each animal that requires emergency care has an immediate evaluation.
  • Each animal will receive a specialist consultation if needed.
  • Each animal will receive a training consultation and training modification plan if needed.
  • Each animal will receive medical/surgical treatment for illnesses and congenital abnormalities which are detrimental to the animal's quality of life as these treatments are available.
  • Each eligible animal is microchipped. The Microchip Fund provides funds for this procedure.
  • Each animal is provided all necessary vaccinations which are paid for by Goochland County Animal Protection.

Please email friends@goochlandpetlovers.com if you have any questions.