Partnership between Pet Lovers, Animal Protection remains strong

Submitted by Tim Clough

Many Goochland residents know of the public/private partnership between Goochland County and Goochland Pet Lovers (GPL).  This collaboration resulted in a successful capital campaign, where Goochland Pet Lovers raised over $1.5 million that allowed the County to add an adoption wing to  the new Goochland County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center.   Goochland Pet Lovers continues to support Animal Protection’s initiatives through fundraising to supplement the department’s medical fund, recruiting volunteers to support operations, and hosting events highlighting the strong pet/human bond in Goochland County.

Recognizing the significance of the human-pet bond, Goochland Pet Lovers supports the Goochland County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center to provide the very best rescue and adoption experience so pets will be reunited with owners or find loving and forever homes. As a result of this close-knit collaboration, there has been some confusion as to the specific roles of each entity.  Goochland Animal Protection and Goochland Pet Lovers would like to remind residents of the roles we each perform:

Animal Protection

The Department of Animal Protection (AP) is comprised of two branches, enforcement and sheltering.  Animal Protection Officers enforce all State and County animal welfare ordinances.  Officers provide for the safety and welfare of residents as it pertains to the control of domestic animals.  The department also operates a shelter to care for stray animals and attempts to reunite them with an owner. 

Animal Protection staff operates the shelter and finds homes for all adoptable animals through citizen adoptions along with coordinating transfers to animal rescue organizations;
AP takes all calls for services needed by an Animal Protection Officer or any inquiries about Animal Shelter operations, to include lost/found pets and questions regarding animals available for adoption;
Physical donations, such as pet food and supplies, should be delivered to the Animal Shelter;
Volunteer opportunities to serve as Shelter Ambassadors should be directed to Deb Weymouth, Ambassador Coordinator at

Goochland Pet Lovers

Goochland Pet Lovers’ mission is to sustain an effective partnership with Goochland County to promote animal welfare and the humane treatment of animals through innovative and educational programs, community engagement and financial support.

  • GPL accepts monetary donations to support efforts at the animal shelter and programs in the Goochland Community. Donations may be mailed or given on-line at;
  • GPL coordinates volunteer opportunities to help at functions such as off-site adoption events and fundraisers. Volunteer inquiries should be directed to Pattie Cook, Executive Director at;
  • GPL provides dogs and cats from the shelter for off-site adoption events. Requests should be directed to Pattie Cook.

Some individuals currently volunteer for both organizations. Everyone is encouraged to help with your time, talents and treasures as you are able. Goochland Animal Protection and Goochland Pet Lovers come together to say thank you for the past and ongoing support from the community to enhance the lives of animals in Goochland County.