Why Adopt a Hound or Beagle? (February 2019)

Submitted by Sara Grattan

Goochland Animal Shelter regularly picks up abandoned hunting dogs.  38% of the dog population for 2017 and 2018 were hunting hounds or beagles. The high number of hounds and beagles can be contributed to two issues.  The first is hunters releasing their unwanted dogs at the end of hunting season.  The second reason is people who are against dog hunting will illegally remove collars and I.D.’s and release the dogs in another jurisdiction where the owner won’t check. Whatever the reason, most rural counties in Virginia have a large number of hunting dogs in their shelters. 

As a member of Deep Run Hunt Club, I have come to love our hounds and have been told they make wonderful pets in retirement.  I decided to ask Foxhunters who have adopted foxhounds why they make good pets.  I received many responses with pictures of hounds sleeping on sofas and beds, cuddling with their cat friends, or being walked on a leash by a 5-year old.  Over the next few months, I will share these stories with you and encourage you to consider a hound or beagle as your next pet.